WorkMatterz works as the external HR services provider  giving its client several benefits such as –

  • Reduced operations cost
  • Increased company efficiency
  • Freeing up of resources to focus on only some HR tasks
  • Access to HR expertise that may not be available within the company or which the company may not wish to acquire.




WorkMatterz provides HR outsourcing services to entities of all types, be it –

  • A start-up who may not have the resources to have an HR unit
  • A small/medium sized company who may like to save on resources
  • A big company who may previously have administered a said process but may decide to outsource it now. Or the need for a particular process that may have just been arrived at which the company may decide to outsource
  • NGOs, Academic groups, Institutions, where a full-fledged HR function is not in place yet



WorkMatterz’ services range from providing the entire gamut of HR services for full-time, part-time, contractual or regular jobs, to specific tailor-made itemized services in some HR areas, depending on the need of the client. A sample list of HR services would be :

  • Employee life-cycle management (from recruitment to exit)
  • Drafting of HR documents
  • Drafting of policies, procedures and employee manuals
  • Placements, fellowships, internships
  • Content development for HR trainings
  • Conducting team building sessions
  • Conducting leadership development workshops



WorkMatterz applies the 5E principles of Enquire, Explore, Engage, Execute and Evolve in delivering HR services. Strict confidentiality in matters related to staff appointment, compensation, employment terms & conditions will be maintained and all records will be kept in safe custody. The following standard processes are undertaken while engaging with clients in managing their HR :

  • Assessing – needs and meeting with leaders/managers and determining the exact HR outsourcing needs
  • Reviewing – what is in place and identifying what is not
  • Undertaking – design, development and production as per the requirement (developing contract template, job description, employee profile, attendance system, code of conduct protocols, policies/ procedures)
  • Implementing – getting files organized, certificates in place, verifications completed, matrix created for management
  • Training – and handing over; once the client is ready to take over the processes in-house, designated member/s of the client are trained on the processes/tools and the entire set of records maintained by WorkMatterz on behalf the client is handed over.


Members of the WorkMatterz team come with qualifications, certifications and extensive experience in HR & People Management, both at the middle management level as well as at the Senior Executive level.