WorkMatterz undertakes assignments in the international development arena for management & delivery of projects such as –

  • Monitoring and evaluation of development projects
  • Strategy review and development
  • Operational Planning and performance management
  • HR/Operational strengthening
  • Skill enhancement and staff development initiatives




WorkMatterz provides services to international development agencies who –

  • need support in formulating their Strategy and Business Plans
  • do not have an office/full-fledged team to oversee and manage projects/partners
  • work in countries where certain skills are not locally available
  • may need engagement and handholding for staff development and system strengthening on an ongoing basis




WorkMatterz’ services include –

  • Baseline surveys, Mid-term or end-of-project evaluation
  • Acting as the local managers for International agencies in South Asia – undertaking partner selection, project appraisal,ongoing monitoring and evaluation
  • Formulation of long-term strategy for international NGOs
  • Undertaking system and management audit to address issues of alignment and convergence
  • Strengthening of HR and Operations for agencies who work in countries where such expertise cannot be tapped locally
  • Undertaking customized staff development and capacity building activities


WorkMatterz applies the 5E principles in all its work as explained briefly below :

  • Enquire – Initiation of engagement between WorkMatterz and the INGO- emails, meetings, presentations.
  • Explore – In-depth review/analysis to get insights into the particular issues being addressed; perspectives of relevantstakeholders, issues, concerns, challenges etc.
  • Engage – Working with leadership and relevant units/departments of the organization to develop an action plan for theassignment, identify the best solutions that meet with the specified need.
  • Execute – Action Plan is executed and brought to the ground as per the deliverables agreed upon.
  • Evolve – WorkMatterz and the client do a review of the outcome of the exercise.


The WorkMatterz team has over 2 decades of experience with INGOs. Members have worked in various countries across the globe including the USA, Australia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, Thailand, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Timor Leste, Sri Lanka & Angola.