WorkMatterz conducts leadership development programs that incorporate industry best practice and current experience rather than rehashing tired, traditional approaches. Areas covered include :

  • Identifying leadership development needs based on customized tools & processes
  • Understanding and exploring core leadership attributes & competencies
  • Identifying strengths and competencies that can be optimized
  • Building awareness of self and of the environment that influences an individual
  • Understanding self-inhibiting thoughts and how to overcome them
  • Undertaking a journey of self-discovery through various learning situations


WorkMatterz conducts team building programs to helps teams achieve efficiency by relating to each other well, managing differences, respecting one another & the rules of engagement, leading to increased outputs, reduced absenteeism; increased level of participation, harmony and respect among the members.

Personal Effectiveness programs are also offered to individuals – be it students, a workers or even a top ranking executives – who seek to overcome personal limitations, fears and anxieties in the pursuit of achieving higher goals. These goals can vary from being as simple as “to be able to talk effectively in a group” to “scoring high marks in the exam”, to being complex like “dealing with frustration on the job” or

“planning for a career move”. Participants are assisted in crystalizing their personal & professional goals and also develop a plan to work towards the goals.



Leadership development opportunities are for anyone –

  • a CEO who would like to sharpen his/her leadership skills
  • a manager who would like to enhance his/her management skills to move into the leadership space
  • an executive who would like to build core management competencies
  • an individual who would like to explore personal leadership capacity (as a member of an organization or working on his/her own)


Team Building sessions are customized for –

  • companies/organizations
  • institutions
  • business groups
  • professional associations & networks


Personal Effectiveness development sessions are conducted for –

  • Individual participants (those who are part of an organization or on their own)
  • Groups – from organizations, institutions, companies, professional associations, networks


As a follow-up, coaching, counselling or personal mentoring sessions are taken up as required, either as part of the

workshop or independently



WorkMatterz takes pride in creating the best-in-industry leadership development offers which can be accessed through multiple channels – high quality personal simulated processes, special theme-focused events, personal coaching/counselling, human resource planning workshops, leadership coaching, training, handholding, etc. WorkMatterz commits to provide complete learning solutions by accompanying & supporting each participant in the journey towards effective leadership.


The Leadership 360 program offered by WorkMatterz is designed to give a participant a 360 degree view of oneself and others across leadership domains. This program will help develop leaders who can create and run highly effective teams by developing their competencies in providing –

  • Direction – a clear and compelling direction for the team and organization
  • People – technically competent and emotionally intelligent team members
  • Structure – a focused team with established procedures and norms of conduct
  • Support – adequate training and adequate rewards
  • Development – learning from successes and failures through performance reviews


WorkMatterz offers Team Building & Personal Effectiveness sessions/workshops on –

  • Goal setting, Career Planning
  • Conflict Management
  • Communication
  • Self-awareness & Style preferences
  • Individual coaching and counselling
  • Mind-body-spirit coordination through aerobics and dance


The duration of workshops/sessions could range between 4 hours to 2 days based on the objectives, theme & results expected. Individual open enrollment workshops normally run for two days in a residential setting. Short duration capsules are also organized subject to enrolment of adequate number of participants


Leadership and Management development interventions by WorkMatterz adopt the standard 5E principles (Enquire, Explore, Engage, Execute and Evolve) that are the hallmark of WorkMatterz.

  • To begin with, there is an initial contact to determine the need (Enquire).
  • This is followed by a process of self-exploration, assessment & analysis through certified accredited tools/questionnaires for the participants to get a deeper insight into their leadership style, motivation, emotional intelligence and other attributes. (Explore)
  • Participants are then invited to a 5 to 7 day long workshop in surroundings which are ideal for reflective thinking and help them identify areas of strength & potential growth. To balance the psychological and emotional exploration with physical well-being, participants are also offered opportunities to engage in yoga, aerobics, martial arts and dance with expert facilitators. (Engage). Following this an action plan is developed.
  • Participants then go back to their work setting with the action plan to execute their newly acquired learning/leadership attributes (Execute).
  • WorkMatterz provides on-site and off-site coaching support to individual participants as a follow-up if the individual feels the need for it.At the end of the process, through constant reinforcement, leadership behavior is learnt and mastered (Evolve).

WorkMatterz firmly believes that external facilitation acts only as a catalyst for people to take action in the way they think appropriate.Therefore, a lot of importance is given to the concept of ‘accompaniment’ which entails engagement with the participants before, during and after the workshop to drive the personal development process.


The WorkMatterz team has members with over a decade’s experience in holding top leadership positions in organizations and having led large-scale operations, coached & groomed leaders and managed diverse teams.