Most NGOs & Social Enterprises are started & driven by passionate, self-driven individuals who have an overwhelming desire to make a difference in society. They make huge personal sacrifices to keep this passion alive but due to the challenging circumstances that NGOs work in, they often feel isolated and unsupported both at personal and organisational levels. They are also confronted with issues of setting up appropriate systems, creating

second-line management teams, keeping the team inspired and developing sound governance systems.


WorkMatterz helps NGO leaders and works together with them in strengthening the organization by helping in:

  • Determining ideal board composition and committee structure
  • Understanding the role of the board, members’ expectations and accountability
  • Bringing alignment between Board and Management
  • Higher degree of leadership and management competencies
  • Enhanced management of the organization/people/resources
  • Motivated teams with enhanced inner potential/talents
  • Improved internal policies, processes & procedures
  • Enhanced operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Increased accountability and credibility to stakeholders




Although WorkMatterz works with social enterprises of all categories, more work is done with mid-size NGOs who are striving to run their organizations professionally and raise resources for the causes they are committed to.



WorkMatterz acts as a hub and solution superstore for NGOs and provides access to multiple services directly or through other collaborating technical partners and associates on matters related to leadership, governance, finance, systems, project management, fundraising etc.


Leadership 360™ – the signature leadership development program offered by WorkMatterz is customized to the needs of NGO leaders and is delivered in a self-paced manner.


Interventions aimed at improving the governance, board management, operational competence,systems, staff, management and brand are designed based on the specific needs of each NGO.


Applying the 5E principles, WorkMatterz works with NGOs and Social Enterprises in the following manner:


After initial contact (ENQUIRE), WorkMatterz conducts a two-day workshop with the leadership, Board and managers of the NGO to understand, appreciate and (EXPLORE) the areas that need attention. Following this, WorkMatterz closely (ENGAGES) with the NGO in producing materials (policies, formats, tools), developing guidelines, organizing staff training and providing a set of recommendations which they can choose to implement (EXECUTE). At the end of the process, WorkMatterz and the NGO team jointly evaluate the overall outcome of the exercise and take steps to sustain and adopt the new systems (EVOLVE).



Team members from WorkMatterz have long years of experience in working with NGOs, both in India and across the globe. Having also collaborated with NGOs who work in very remote hard-to-reach parts of India, the team is well-placed to understand the challenges NGOs face and to support them.