Most organizations and companies are borne out of the vision and inspiration of an individual/s. Once the organization takes formal shape, people, systems, processes, procedures etc come into play, it becomes critical for the leaders to define long-range goals and objectives so that the original founder/s can transmit the vision to others in the organization. This is when a process of Strategic Planning is undertaken and thereafter is continued every 3 to 5 years.


WorkMatterz facilitates the Strategy Planning process for organizations to identify and articulate the directions they want to take; goals they want to achieve in 3 to 5 years; resources, skills and tools required to achieve the goals; and options available before them to adopt. WorkMatterz also helps in the process of defining annual milestones & setting up operational goals/targets in a scientific and participatory manner. In addition to bringing a sense of direction, this process would also clarify the role of each unit/individual in achieving the overall objectives of the organization.




While WorkMatterz specializes in working with Social Enterprises, NGOs and Academic groups, this process in also carried out for Corporate Groups and other Networks/Associations who are planning for expansion, growth, repositioning or diversification.


Services offered range from a full exercise that can range from six to eight months to specific parts of the exercise (where other elements of the strategy development exercise is being done internally) like skill inventory exercise, organizational climate survey, capacity assessment survey or a system review.


Strategy Planning → WorkMatterz applies the approach of Explore, Enquire, Engage, Enrich and Evolve to arrive at the Strategic Directions for the Organization. Using participatory tools, the exercise starts with a detailed appreciative enquiry process to appreciate and understand the current status, the leadership intent, and the overall environment. The process will actually be led by the senior managers and leaders of the organization and WorkMatterz will provide the required tools, methods and processes for collecting information. WorkMatterz does process authentication, validity checks and raises pertinent questions from an inside-outside perspective. This includes steps such as stakeholders review, external environment scan, SWOT analysis, System review and Capacity assessment. A two-part workshop is undertaken at the end of the process, first with a wider management team and then with the senior leaders to identify the three or four most significant goals for the organization in the coming years.


Strategy Execution → Sometimes the best Strategy Plans remain on paper unless the objectives are broken down into small do-able pieces. WorkMatterz specializes in performance planning and alignment of individual roles with organizational strategy. In most cases, the strategy execution work is normally done as a separate exercise from Strategy Planning and Development. This part deals with setting annual goals, team and functional goals, individual performance goals (Key Result Areas) with timelines/measurement etc.


WorkMatterz’ in-house and external partners bring years of strategy review, planning and development experience from multiple national, international and regional organizations.