About our Coworking Spaces

In keeping with its theme of helping people explore their passion & find meaning in what they do, WorkMatterz has been Coworking Spaces that are gradually taking shape of start-up incubation and exchange centers. The coworking spaces are fully equipped plug and play stations for anyone to walk in and start working – everything else is taken care of.  These workspaces are ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers & startups as they offer the freedom of working for oneself with the community & creativity of a traditional job.


WorkMatterz runs 2 Coworking Spaces in HRBR Layout within a distance of 300 meters from each others – in locations with greenery and parking space in the vicinity.



Workstations are available for individuals or teams on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and the facilities offered include:

        • Furniture for seating the team/individual
        • Electricity
        • High-speed internet
        • 2-hours power backup
        • Rest Room facility
        • Storage space
        • Running Water
        • Drinking Water
        • Housekeeping, maintenance & security services

Additional value-added facilities available on a pay-per-use basis are:

    • Meeting Room*
    • Printing/scanning/copying facility
    • Tea/coffee at your workstation
    • Lunch (home-cooked)

The Meeting Room can be booked on a per-hour, half-day or full-day basis.  In addition to the facilities available to those who take individual workstations, the Meeting Room also have:

    • White board
    • Tea/coffee (on the house)
    • Laptop speakers
    • LCD projector & screen (at a nominal extra cost)

*For those who are already using workstations, the Meeting Rooms are given at a discounted rate.


WorkMatterz sees its role as a facilitator and provider of a platform where individuals and groups with complementary skillsets and talents get the opportunity to interact with one another.  Towards this, WorkMatterz is slowly building a community of coworkers.  It organizes informal events, get-togethers, and sharing sessions.  This allows teams to share their ideas, learn from others, and use others as sounding boards.

Contact Us

If you have any queries or you want to visit any of our Coworking Space please contact us or call us +91 9740526558