In keeping with its theme of helping people explore their passion & find meaning in what they do, WorkMatterz sets up Coworking Spaces which are fully equipped for anyone to walk in and start working – everything else is taken care of. WorkMatterz encourages entrepreneurs & start-ups by creating workspaces that combine the freedom of working for oneself with the community & creativity of a traditional job.

Coworking – the social gathering of a group of people who work independently but share the same values and are interested in the synergy that can happen by working together with talented people – Wikipedia

Co-Working Facilities

Some of the many facilities we offer at our co-working space.

Furnished (with storage)


Desks with storage or movable storage cabinets.



With generator back-up in case of power failures.



High-speed internet connections with different service providers.


Clean, hygienically maintained, separate restrooms for women & men.

Tea, Coffee, Drinking Water

On the house, 24-hours.

Housekeeping and Security Services

In-house housekeeping staff, biometric access, CCTV cameras.

Meeting Room

At a discounted cost for in-house clients..

Printing, Scanning, Copying Facility

In-house at a minimal cost.

The Meeting Room

The Meeting Room can be booked on a per-hour, half-day or full-day basis. In addition to the facilities available to those who take individual workstations, the Meeting Room also have: *For those who are already using workstations, the Meeting Rooms are given at a discounted rate.



With multi-coloured pens and flip-chart paper, if required.

Tea, Coffee, Drinking Water





For audio requirements during meetings.

Projector & Screen


High quality projection compatible with different ports.

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